MLK hour has begun

I’m sitting in the press box at Invesco Field. It is madness out there. The line ups are daunting and people say it’s taking several hours to get in. Even a Canadian cabinet minister got stuck in a mile long line. I would still be out there if not for the press pass.

For all the fuss about the column “temple”, up close it’s not that impressive — it gets swallowed up by the size of the stadium. Kind of reminds me of a foam Stonehenge I built in elementary school with my best friend Kim.

Howard Dean was just up.

“I am Howard Dean the chairman of the Democratic Party — and I know how many houses I own.

“John McCain is not a maverick, John McCain is a Yes Man.”

I’ve been doing radio and TV today. Thank you to the nice man in Vancouver man who emailed to say that every time I said  “ya know” he got so annoyed he turned off the radio. At 6:30 MT I’m doing CTV Newsnet with Kojo Nnamdi which is a thrill because I am a big fan of his Washington radio show — the most thoughtful and substantive thing on the airwaves when it comes to local Washington politics. He probably doesn’t have much profile in Canada, but can’t get into a cab in DC without hearing his show.

John Lewis is up now, channeling Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I was there when Dr. King deivered his historic speech before an audience of more than 200,000 … ”

The stadium has grown much more quiet.

Now there is a video montage of MLK, Rosa Parks, etc.

Am off to do some interviews.

The internet connection here is terrible so blogging will be sporadic.

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