Monday Caption Challenge No. 3

Your turn to make Scott Feschuk laugh

For logistics-based reasons, I’m posting the Monday challenge on Sunday. As you read this, please be advised that it is NOT Monday – unless you are reading this on Monday, in which case please be advised that Couples Retreat is NOT a good movie.

The challenge, as always: To regard the assigned photograph – of famed Olympian Barbara Ann Scott having the cheek to spark up a Cheech-grade doobie smack in the middle of the House of Commons, and boy doesn’t Jim Flaherty in particular look delighted at this unexpected turn of events – and devise within your mind a caption of such astonishing insight and/or hilarity that grown men the world over have no choice but to tip their fedoras in your general direction and say something along the lines of “Indeed!” or “Very much so!”

Finalists will be announced Tuesday morning, followed by voting, followed by the victor being rewarded with a $30 gift certificate from Amazon.ca (all part of my foolproof plan to subtly nudge Amazon.ca into sponsoring this challenge, or alternately to drive Heather Reisman into such a bubbling rage of jealousy that Chapters steps in and does it instead), followed by widespread grouching that the wrong entry won, followed by me not caring.

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