More of Everything. More!

Macleans.ca has posted my contribution to our End-of-the-year wishlists. I wrote a sort of lengthy top ten list of things I would like to see more of on the television box (and all the affiliated boxes, including the ones that are really too small to watch TV on but we do it anyway) in 2012.

Some of the wishes may be familiar, like the preference for ripoffs over remakes (unless that remake is Homeland, of course) and for more sadistic endings in comedies, but all the words are new. Well, the individual words aren’t new, but they’re newly-arranged into different sentences. Anyway, have a look, and you can go to Macleans.ca/wishlist to see other wishlists; there’s already Geddes on politics and Bethune on books, and more are coming. There are many things to wish for in 2012. Besides world peace, I mean, which probably isn’t happening.

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