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Mr. Bubble


I honestly don’t care whether the PMO actually rewrote questions to Stephen Harper at yesterday’s whatcha-ma-whosit about whatever-it-was. What difference does it make? Screened them, rewrote them, reimagined them, invented them… it’s all the same. Stage-managing events is part of any leader’s political arsenal, but come on – are we really being led by a man too chicken to answer the genuine, spontaneous queries of a few wonky kids. What a coward. Ooooo, our poor wittle Pwime Minister is soooo afwaid of what those mean wittle childwen might ask him. WE MUST PWOTECT HIM!!

And one more thing, youngsters: Please whisper when addressing the PM or you might break him.

How sad it must be as Prime Minister to live in constant fear of being exposed to a query that hasn’t been massaged by Dimitri Soudas or bought a drink and tongue-kissed by Mike Duffy. The last time Harper was exposed to a genuine question, it ended with the words: “…fries with that?” And then Dimitri got out of the limo, berated the drive-thru cashier for his impudence and rewrote the question as, “How great are our Olympians again?”

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