My Favourite Drabinsky-Related Quote

With Garth Drabinsky in the news lately, I’m reminded of my favourite online quote about the man who is frequently called “Garth Vader” but rarely “Wanin’ Garth.” It was in a rec.arts.theatre.musicals post back in 2001 by a songwriter who had written a score for one of Drabinsky’s musicals. Responding to my post about whether there were more composer-lyricists (that is, people who do both jobs) than there used to be, he wrote:

For what it’s worth, I remember Drabinsky telling me that he thought a composer-lyricist was a bad choice to write a show – he wanted a multiplicity of collaborators, and felt that the writing should be divided among three parties instead of two. Soon he will be in jail, so take that on advisement.

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