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nflggg picksss forggg weekggg fiveggg


Weary of all the political jibber-jabbery here at Me neither. But that shouldn’t stop you from joining us over at Couch Boys, the only NFL prognosticators to incorporate into their gameday analysis Sigourney Weaver, Night Court, weed, the Russian dude from Rocky IV, Rick Ocasek’s penis (indirectly), trying and failing to trick women into getting naked, Tom Brady’s facial topography, board games and the theological relevance of sacrificial virgins.

Remember our slogan… Couch Boys: theggg blogggg thatggg purchasedggg allggg theggg g’s thatggg Sarahggg Palinggg keptggg droppingggg fromggg herggg verbsggg lastggg nightggggggggggggggggggg.

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