NHL goalie Martin Brodeur gets the career hat-trick

New Jersey netminder scores his third goal — the stuff of legends, as Aaron Hutchins explains

NHL goalie Martin Brodeur gets the career hat-trick

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Scoring three career NHL goals is something to brag about, but scoring three NHL goals when you are a GOALIE is the stuff of legends. New Jersey Devils netminder Martin Brodeur, a surefire future member of the Hall of Fame, scored his third career goal on Thursday night—a record for goalies.
Madness on ice! Martin Brodeur gets his 3rd career goal (on PP) when Carolina’s Jordan Staal passes puck off the boards & into an empty net.SportsCenter
Martin Brodeur Scores Goal Against Hurricanes 3/21/13nhlhockey95
Maybe he didn’t directly shoot the puck in himself, but when you’re a goalie, you’ll take anything.
Martin Brodeur just scored a goal. I repeat, Martin Brodeur just scored a goal.Hockey Humor™
Carolina Hurricanes head coach Kirk Muller could only watch in disbelief.
PIC: Kirk Muller reacts after Martin Brodeur “scores” a goal on the Hurricanes: <a href="http://t.co/QsIyafhzG6" class="">pic.twitter.com/QsIyafhzG6</a>Josh Gold-Smith
Lol it’s like a miracle when goalies score in the NHL. Martin Brodeur scored <a href="http://t.co/kWA90lANlp" class="">pic.twitter.com/kWA90lANlp</a>Julian Karim
The Devils went on to win 4-1 and Brodeur was the game’s 1st star.
Martin Brodeur has scored for the Devils. He’s the first goalie with three career goals.ESPN Stats & Info
Martin Brodeur just scored and he now has more goals than 219 players this year. #DevilsvsCanesWheeling Problems
Brodeur’s career goal tally is even catching up on CBC Hockey Night in Canada analyst P.J. Stock (who played 235 NHL games—as a forward).
“@mckennaconor: Martin Brodeur has scored more goals this year than Ryan Clowe.”•Brodeur has 3 career goals! PJ Stock had 5. #justteasingTraderinvestor
Here’s a look back on Brodeur’s first goal, and the only one in which he shot the puck in the net himself.
Martin Brodeur scores a goal NHL New Jersey Devils goaliejonken5
His second goal was also a result of the opposing team putting the puck in their own net. (Forgive the poor video quality.)
Brodeur’s second career goalsteveo1887
But, hey! You have to be good to be lucky.
…goes in. All Hail And Worship Martin Brodeur. DOWN ON YOUR KNEES! Recognize Hockey Greatness when you see it.Mick Kern
Martin Brodeur is the best goalie in the NHL! He’s a brick wall in nets and also provides on the offensive side #3rdgoalStephen LaVick
Martin Brodeur: "I’m scared now they’re going to ask me to fly the plane home. For real."Rich Chere