Noted on Twitter: Obama earns standing O, Marco Rubio needs H2O -

Noted on Twitter: Obama earns standing O, Marco Rubio needs H2O

Aaron Hutchins on the moment everyone is talking about


Twitter on Obama’s speech and Marco Rubio’s thirst

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Two speeches were delivered Tuesday night, but only one will be remembered for leaving audiences thirsty for more. President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address touched on gun control, climate change, and raising the minimum wage for Americans. The speech can be seen in its entirety below.
State of the Union 2013: President Obama’s Complete Speechthenewyorktimes
Most-tweeted #SOTU moment: Middle class opportunity and minimum wage at 9:52p ET = ~24,000 Tweets per minute.Twitter Government
Finally! Obama unwavering in his support for passing immigration reform. Boehner not impressed. #sotuBen English
Man, if looks could kill… #SOTU #Obama #Boehner Rosalez
Judging from John Boehner’s expression as he listens to Obama, good thing he’s not armed. #SOTUNicholas Kristof
Standing ovation for North Miami woman named Desiline Victor, 102 yrs old, who stood in line for 6 hours to vote last Election Day.Mark Knoller
Desiline Victor, 102-year-old voter Politics
Note to all Americans, if there’s a 102 year old lady behind you in the voting line, let her cut. #sotuCody Lindquist
Soon after the State of the Union address, Marco Rubio delivered a response on behalf of the Republican Party.
Feel like there are *a lot* of GOP eggs in the Rubio basket at this point.Christopher Hayes
Marco Rubio 2013 State of the Union Response (English Version)thenewyorktimes
Many who tuned in, however, didn’t come away with a take-home message from Rubio. Instead the online chatter was mainly about how the senator from Florida found himself suddenly very thirsty in the middle of his speech, awkwardly leaning off-screen to take a sip of water.
RT @davidjacobs: @davewiner finally I understand the value of Vine. Rubio and the water. Wiest
Marco Rubio takin’ a sip of water
As soon as he put the bottle down, Twitter was off and running.
Rubio just locked down the thirsty vote.Miles Tache
In fairness to Rubio, we are in the middle of record-setting drought.Jonathan Larsen
Brian Williams just noted that "an impassioned" drink of water is now trending on Twitter, after Rubio’s remarks. @NBCNewsAri Melber
Nice plug for Poland Springs by Marco Rubio tonight. 5th most popular bottled water in US. Did $550M in sales last year.darren rovell
Don’t tell Marco #Rubio but Poland Springs is pro-union. #gopresponseJohn Fugelsang
#water #rubio Contreras
Shorter Rubio Speech: take Mitt Romney’s policies and just add water #SOTUEd Schultz
Pretty soon afterwards, Rubio’s water bottle had multiple Twitter accounts of its own.
Sure, Rubio is thirsty … thirsty for an unshackled American free enterprise system!James Pethokoukis
And before you knew it, everyone was doing it.
All @current commentators gulping water after #Rubio #SOTU rebuttal. #genius Paley
And thus everything about Marco Rubio will be forgotten except that he desperately needed a gulp of water.aaronwherry
#Thirsty #Rubio #SOTU Farinas
Rubio believes that proper hydration steals one’s soul.Gen JC Christian
Y’all ain’t got that water pic up yet. Grrrr. I want a Ryan vs Rubio sip off
"I don’t always drink water, but when I do I prefer to be awkward. Stay #thirsty my friends" -Marco Rubio
Tweets-per-minute peak during #GOPResponse to #SOTU: ~9,200 TPM at 10:43 pm ET, following @MarcoRubio’s sip of water.Twitter Government
My hero. RT @darth: OK RT @jakebeckman: Someone photoshop Rubio on the poster for The Water Boy cc @darth thx Cain
Marco Rubio, water boy. #Watergate Jill Biden
In a remarkable feat, Rubio becomes the third member of the losing Romney-Ryan ticket.Josh Dorner
"Don’t worry about it Marco, it’s all WATER under the bridge." – Rubio’s assistantJesse Hawken
So the biggest news story of the night is Marco Rubio drinking water! Thank you twitter.Maribeth Heeran

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