On se fout du vrai pouvoir

The Bloc Québécois has a new slogan and it makes what might politely be called the minimal case for a vote for them: they are “Present! For Quebec.”

That’s right: vote for the party that… shows up. The MPs who… displace air. And it’s true. You never need to worry that Bloc MPs will ever actually leave Ottawa, even though every leader the party ever had claimed it was a temporary party.  Including the current leader, Gilles Duceppe, whose presence in Ottawa will soon have lasted 18 years.  So  depending on timing, we may see an election in which some voters were not yet born when Gilles Duceppe went to Ottawa.

From the archive, here’s a brief history of sunnier Bloc slogans. There have been many. The party has become one of Canada’s most enduring institutions.

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