Ottawa Senators Thought Experiment

The scene: occupied France.

The time: 1943.

Jason Spezza is an allied spy during the Second World War – a man charged with protecting at all costs a code-breaking device that could shift the balance against the Nazi menace and preserve freedom for all. Imagine what happens next…

Spezza [handling over code-breaking device]: Here you go.

Hitler: Thanks.


In other news… <shakes fist> SPEZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

In other, other news, I’m a pretty even-keeled kind of guy. I’m not normally the type you’d find talking down the home team or heckling from my seat about a poor performance. But I forked out the money to take in last night’s Senators/Penguins game – and sweet bearded Jesus, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so dismal an effort at so critical a point in a playoff series: lousy goaltending, lousier puckhandling, lousierest decision-making – and two (2) (two!) penalties for too many men on the ice. I’m telling you: there haven’t been this many mental lapses in one building since Liberals got together and agreed on Stephane Dion.

The only thing that amuses me this morning is to think back to how wounded Spezza sounded last summer when he wasn’t invited to the Olympic orientation camp. The guy actually thought he had a chance to make the Canadian Olympic team. ADORABLE!

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