Out of the medals

Stephen Harper, March 10Canada was the last advanced country to fall into this recession.  We will make sure its effects here are the least severe and we will come out of this faster than anyone and stronger than ever. So far, in fact, while the global recession has hit Canada hard, it has hit us not nearly as hard as it has other countries. The American economy has been hit twice as hard as Canada. The same is true for the Europeans.  The Japanese have been hit four times as hard.

Stephen Harper, August 14“Canada is not yet out of this world recession. We must continue our efforts, we have to persevere. Now is not the time for political instability,” Harper told a news conference in the Quebec town of Chelsea.

AFP, last nightJapan’s economy has grown for the first time in more than a year, climbing out of its worst recession in decades thanks to rebounding exports and government stimulus measures, data showed Monday … Japan follows Germany and France in exiting recession in the second quarter.