'Please stop insulting us'

Dan Gardner makes a foray into the speechwriting business.

Look, we’re all adults here so I’m going to stop talking as if Canada is a nation of five-year-olds. There is no Santa Claus. Rex was not sent to a farm in the country. I was doing considerably more than giving your mum a vigorous hut that morning when you walked in. And my decision about an election will be based on whether it’s good for our party. And me. Most of all, me. Yes, I will keep the national interest in mind but, you know, if you look at the entire long history of democratic politics you will see that the national interest is always an exact fit for the interest of the politician who’s talking about the national interest. You think that’s a coincidence? Go get a psychology textbook and look up “cognitive dissonance.” And grow up, people. Like I said, we’re all adults here.

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