Podesta to recuse himself from Keystone XL: report

Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker magazine reported this evening that a White House aide told him that John Podesta, a critic of Canada’s oil sands and the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, will recuse himself from working on the Keystone issue. Earlier today the White House said Podesta would advise Obama on energy and climate change.

Lizza reported in a series of tweets:

@ryanlizza BREAKING: White House says John Podesta will recuse himself from working on Keystone Pipeline issue.

@ryanlizza WH aide: “In discussions w/Denis, John suggested that he not work on the Keystone Pipeline issue, in review at the State Department…”

@ryanlizza …given that the review is far along in the process & John’s views on this are well known. Denis agreed that was best course of action.”

@ryanlizza Very odd that Obama’s new climate change adviser can’t work on one of the biggest climate change decisions Obama has to make next year.