Richard III's skeleton found; Twitter gets buried in jokes -

Richard III’s skeleton found; Twitter gets buried in jokes

‘My kingdom for … ‘ (a) a Porsche; (b) a parking spot; (c) … a clue to where I parked


Richard III’s skeleton found; Twitter gets buried in jokes

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Found underneath a Leicester parking lot were the remains of the last English monarch to die in combat—King Richard III. In one of the most important announcements in the University of Leicester’s history, lead archaeologist Richard Buckley announced at a press conference that “beyond reasonable doubt it’s Richard.” DNA results, matched with those of the late King’s descendents, confirmed the skeleton uncovered last August belonged to Richard III, who is believed to have died in 1485.
Scientists confirm that skeleton found under parking lot is England’s King Richard III: -MMThe Associated Press
While news of the discovery was trending on Twitter, insightful archeological conversation is not easily achieved with 140 characters. Instead the trending of Richard III was more for jokes and punchlines.
BREAKING NEWS! In shocking breakthrough, scientists announce that King Richard III is still dead.alvina tyus
it must be nice for king richard III’s family to finally get some closure.DFA RECORDS
Theres a reason Richard III was the hide and seek champion of 1485j
Superb: Richard III car park updates its signage via @gottschalk82 @PeteDotAscianNick Bryant
Apparently King Richard III’s body was in a parking structure for the past 500 years. Hope he got that validated! #expensive #doingthejokesDavid Angelo
The best Richard III reaction, by far. M. Giovetti
They found Richard III’s skeleton in a parking lot. Time stamp on the ticket stub indicates he owes $8,432,773.Just Bill
"Exeunt, buried under car park" — Shakespeare’s RICHARD III, 1st FolioPatton Oswalt
Hard for fiction to compete with reality. Richard III’s possible villainy, gruesome death & restoration more gripping than Game of ThronesNancy Bilyeau
Been so Inspired by the Richard III archeologists I’m spending tonight digging up the patio even though I already know who’s buried there.tom jamieson
And then there was speculation over his last words. According to Shakespeare’s Richard III, the King’s last words were “A horse, a horse. My kingdom for a horse.” Twitter had new suggestions for a rewrite.
Richard III last words "A Porsce, a Porsche, my kingdom for a Porsche"Peter Adams
"This is the winter of our discontent. I have no clue how to get out of this parking lot." – Most likely King Richard III’s last wordsNiko
Richard III last words (Shakespeare got it wrong) "I can never remember where I parked the bloody horse."Pete K
King Richard III’s bones found in a car park. His last words were, "Saving this spot for a friend.".Abhishek Madan
"Remember where we parked" – (last words of Richard III)mo ali
"Someone said they were going to build a carpark in Leicester. I said ‘over my dead body’" Richard III’s last words. (Sorry!) #badjokealertSinéad Fitzgibbon
500yo remains of Richard III found under car park. Suspected last words: "My kingdom for a parking spot!"PersonaRedacted

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