Rick Perry Forgets His Lines

Behold the instant classic moment from the Republican debate last night, with Rick Perry forgetting which agency of Bloated Big Government he intends to do away with. I, too, have a tendency to forget one item on a list every time I try to make a complete list. On the other hand, I’m not running for high political office.

I think I agree with those who say that it’s the “oops” and the attempt to look sheepish and make a joke of it that really sinks Perry here. Forgetting what he was going to say is one thing, but a failure to take it seriously just reinforces the idea that Perry isn’t really taking this whole President thing seriously, and thinks his rugged regular-guy-ness will excuse anything.

So, in short, get ready for still another round of discussions about which previously-undeclared candidate could swoop into the race and give the primary voters an alternative to Mitt Romney. Remember when that alternative was going to be Rick Perry? Those were the good old days.


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