Science-ish calls for submissions

Julia Belluz needs suggestions for a 2011 Science-ish roundup

At a time when politicians are casting doubts on evolution theory, large sections of the public seem to have given up on one of the single greatest advances in health sciences of the last century (vaccines), and the Canadian government is telling the world that asbestos is safe to use, the discourse around science may have hit its nadir.

But there is a silver lining: there are more science myths around to explore and, if necessary, debunk.

After six months of writing this column, I’ll do a year-end round up of the most pressing Science-ish debates of 2011, based on your reactions, opinions, and views.

Do you have a burning question about science or a health claim you’ve seen this year that seems dubious? Please write a brief description of the question or claim that most baffles you, and send it to julia.belluz@medicalpost.rogers.com or, on Twitter, at @juliaoftoronto.

The deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Science-ish is a joint project of Maclean’s, The Medical Post, and the McMaster Health Forum. Julia Belluz is the associate editor at The Medical Post. Got a tip? Seen something that’s Science-ish? Message her at julia.belluz@medicalpost.rogers.com or on Twitter @juliaoftoronto

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