While we’re waiting to see if we still have a government… Has anybody noticed that the Conservatives’ official website looks kind of like a Canadian version of the Drudge Report, or at the very least, the website for a Canadian revival of Hard Copy? Every time I go there, their top headline is something sensational or terrifying, inviting you to click on the link in search of dirty secrets and gossip (“The EFU was merely a trigger to execute a longstanding secret deal between the NDP and Quebec separatists”).

I actually kind of like it. If you look at the NDP site, it’s mostly policy-wonk stuff, and the Liberals’ site is so dull it could be the CBC website (to which it bears a certain resemblance). The conservatives have no policy substance on their site, but they’ve got lots of colour photography, attention-grabbing headlines, and slogans like “Freak out your roommate. Join the Conservatives.” If this government goes down, I hope we at least get a cool, sensation-mongering “Cool Coalition” website out of it, because we can all learn from the Conservatives’ pizazz.