Short them an inch, they'll jest awhile -

Short them an inch, they’ll jest awhile

Tweeps can’t resist Subway “footlong” controversy


Subway’s footlongs fall an inch short

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It turns out not all of Subway’s footlong sandwiches measure up. 

An Australian man posted a picture of his submarine sandwich on the company’s Facebook page, and next to it a tape measure that showed the length was an inch short. The New York Post then created a PR nightmare for the world’s largest fast food chain when its investigation found that four out of seven footlong sandwiches were short of the full 12 inches.
A lot going on in the world, but @nypost leads with: Subway sandwiches getting smaller. #bombshell Quintanilla
Does size really matter? Subway’s 12-inch sub doesn’t measure up, say angry customers. Carruthers
And what was Twitter’s response? A whole lot of innuendo.
Just saw a story where Subway’s foot longs are only measuring 11 inches. Subway’s response: It was cold.Albert Brooks
Breaking: Subway foot longs only 11 inches. Eh, who hasn’t embellished the size of their sandwich by an inch or two.rodney
Turns out most of Subways “foot longs” are actually only 11 inches. But cmon how often is it true when someone says its 12 inches.Philip DeFranco
So the Subway footlong is only 11 inches. You know the first one was measured by a male employee, get over it! #menalwaysexagerateJagger
Subway home of the foot long…..well, more like 11 inches, cause it’s cold outside.JustMe L
So it appears the Subway footlong is an inch shy. Clearly, a man is responsible for the initial measurements.Stephology
I’ve been living a lie… #subway #11inches #whomp #eatsohard #chicken #breasticles #instafood #instagood #specialdelivery #roomieloveJosiah Maxwell SRN

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