Ten months in the life of Thomas Mulcair

January 28The budget we saw yesterday is a fiction, and again we will see the Liberals complicit in it over the next few months. This will make 45 times that they have voted in favour of the Conservatives and expressed confidence in them. We are entering the fourth year in which the neo-Conservatives, the most right-wing government in Canadian history, have been kept in power by a party with the word Liberal in its name. I can, however, assure the members of one thing: the people who voted Liberal last time, thinking—wrongly, as it turns out—that the party would actually stand up to the current Prime Minister, were all mistaken. Now these people have realized that they were conned. We, the members of the NDP, are calling on all those who wish to build a better country. We are urging them to join us, to work with us if they want to see a fairer, more egalitarian society when it comes to women’s rights.

Today. The NDP say they will vote to prop up the Conservative government this week and for some time – probably through the fall – if the Harper government follows through on promises to expand employment-insurance benefits. The New Democrats deputy leader, Thomas Mulcair, expressed his party’s inclination to keep Stephen Harper’s government alive until the employment-insurance money flows.

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