The amazing world of this week's magazines this week!

Let’s see, what’s in the magazines that went on newsstands yesterday across the United States — but won’t appear on Canadian newsstands until a week Thursday, because The News Group, the monopolistic Canadian magazine distributor whose websites seem to be down this morning, can’t be bothered to deliver a product anywhere close to on-time?

The New Yorker has articles on Hillary Clinton, Tim Russert, Keith Olbermann, Hugo Chavez and Cassandra Wilson. How timely! I was thinking of all of those people in just the last couple of days! I won’t be nearly as interested in reading about them a week from Thursday! Good thing the New Yorker website allows me to read all the articles I used to pay for, back when I could get a magazine in the week it was published!

Meanwhile, as Luiza pointed out yesterday — because Luiza is in the United States and she doesn’t have to wait a week and a half to get magazines — New York has a fascinating interview with Clinton along with all the usual fine features on cultural life in the Big Apple (Brokeback Mountain opera: Highbrow Despicable).

Whew. That was fun. Like a fascinating time-travel trip forward in time to a week from Thursday, when The News Group trucks finally bring these magazines to stores near you and me. Unless it’s nap time.