The CBC Cuts -

The CBC Cuts


Here are links to a couple of articles on the CBC cuts announced today, one in the Toronto Star, the other in the Hollywood Reporter. Perhaps the biggest news out of this round of announcements – not to minimize any of the others – is the announcement that the CBC will cancel a planned production expansion in Halifax. The announcements are not yet clear on whether this means the end of CBC TV production altogether in Halifax (that’s the impression I took from the phrase “Plans for CBC Halifax do not include TV studio production facilities,” but I’ll update when it becomes clearer), but if this does mean the end of Halifax as a CBC TV production centre – or even if it just means a reduced production capacity – it’s a shame. CBC’s Halifax production had its own distinctive style and tradition, and produced some memorable shows that would not have been the same if they had been moved to one of the two big English-language TV production hubs.

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