The LESS THAN KIND Writing Awards -

The LESS THAN KIND Writing Awards


Well, they haven’t officially changed their name yet, but the Writers’ Guild of Canada Award nominations were announced today, and Less Than Kind got four out of the five nominations for half-hour comedy writing. Less Than Kind is well-liked and had a number of different writers submitting episodes, so five writers in all received nominations for the show, including creators Marvin Kaye and Chris Sheasgreen and producer Mark McKinney.

The one-hour drama nominees are a more diverse group of shows, though Being Erica‘s lack of a nomination (it got one for webisode writing but not regular episode writing) is a bit unexpected.

The  kids’ shows category has  two nominations each for Family’s multi-camera The Latest Buzz and YTV’s single-camera How To Be Indie. If this were an episode of one of those shows, they would compete furiously, almost ruining their friendship, and in the end the award would be taken by the only other nominee, Family Biz.

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