The McCains' adoption

Wes Gullett was just up to tell the story of how he and his wife, and the McCains adopted daughters from an orphanage in Bangladesh run by Mother Teresa:

“Cindy spends much of her time working in places most of us only see on the news. She works with the poor, bringing them food, medical care, and hope. …. On one of these trips she found two girls in desperate need.

One had a severe cleft palate, another had severe malnutrition:

“Cindy McCain decided to bring them home, give them hope, and save their lives.”

“…Cindy had just flown half way around the world with an infant on each arm. She had brought home our infant daughter. To us she looked like an angel. I remember John’s face when he first met his daughter Bridget. He was not the tough war hero… he was full of emotion and love…”

“I know they will always answer the call of those in need because they have done so time and time again throughout their lives.”

“Cindy McCain saved those babies 17 years ago, and those girls have grown up to be beautiful young women.” (He hugs his daughter, Nikki, who has been standing next to him.)

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