The readable Ignatieff

An unofficial collection of the Liberal leader’s freely available writings, for all your educational or objectionable purposes

The readable IgnatieffGoogle Scholar—a search engine for academic journals and papers—is a fairly decent way to kill a few hours. It’s also what started this, an unofficial collection of Michael Ignatieff’s freely available writings, assembled here for all your educational or objectionable purposes.

Do try to contain yourselves.

Academic Journals
Intervention and State Failure, Dissent Magazine
The Challenges of American Imperial Power, Naval War College Review
Canada in the Age of Terror, The Center for Foreign Policy Studies
Ethics in the New War, Canadian Military Journal
Human Rights as Politics, Human Rights as Idolatry, Princeton
Why Eastern Europe’s Revolutions Could Succeed, Foreign Affairs
Mobilizing Public Support for the United Nations, Center for Public Leadership
Blood and Belonging, Harvard
The Burden, Australian Universities Review

The Guardian
The Observations of Jean-Paul Sartre
Who do we think we are?
Who killed Frank Olson?
It’s war, but it doesn’t have to be dirty
What will victory look like?
Something happened
Why Bush must send in his troops
Friends disunited
Iraqis fight a lonely battle for democracy

New York Times
His Art was All He Mastered, book review
Minor Differences Mean a Lot, book review
Future Meltdown, book review
Fault Lines, book review
Dead Souls, book review
In the Name of the Most Merciful, book review
Return of the L-Word?, op-ed
Counting Bodies in Kosovo, op-ed
The Next President’s Duty to Intervene, op-ed
A Bungling UN Undermines Itself, op-ed
The Reluctant Imperialist, feature
Blood Money, book review
The Right Trial for Milosevic, op-ed
What did the CIA do to his father?, feature
Exhibit A: Blood Sisters, feature
What Terror Keeps Teaching Us, feature
Is the Human Rights Era Ending?, op-ed
Barbarians at the Gates, book review
Nation-Building Lite, feature
When A Bridge Is Not A Bridge, feature
American Empire: The Burden, feature
I Am Iraq, feature
Why are We in Iraq? (And Liberia? And Afghanistan?), feature
The Year of Living Dangerously, feature
Lesser Evils, feature
Mirage in The Desert, feature
The Terrorist as Auteur, feature
Democratic Providentialism, feature
The Uncommitted, feature
Who Are Americans to Think Freedom is Theirs to Spread?, feature
Iranian Lessons, feature
The Broken Contract, feature
Getting Iraq Wrong, feature
Common Sense to the Rescue of Policy, book review

Books (limited previews only)
Wealth and Virtue, 1986
The Rights Revolution, 2000
Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry, 2003
Charlie Johnson in the Flames, 2003
American Exceptionalism and Human Rights, 2005

(Note. Prospect Magazine had made available all of Ignatieff’s writing for them, but the link seems to have died since they redesigned their website. Older pieces from the Guardian and Observer are archived, but require a subscription or a fee. Academic essays and papers that are similarly hidden from view were not included.)