The Ritual Of Linking To the Fake Canadian-Themed Website Mentioned On TV

thickeMost people who saw tonight’s How I Met Your Mother will have checked this out by now, but, in answer to the obvious questions.

-Yes, there is a Canadiansexacts.org.

– Yes, that is Alan Thicke, composer of the “Diff’rent Strokes” and “Facts of Life” theme song, TV dad, and all-around Canadian god.

– No, we don’t actually get to see him doing the “reverse Rick Moranis” or the “Edmonton Soiler.”

– Yes, one caption spells Sudbury as “Sudsbury.” And, in answer to the follow-up question, no, that mistake probably doesn’t keep the webmaster up nights.

“Canada, you did it again. You even managed to ruin this. Why? Why do we let you be a country?” — Barney Stinson