This Is the Spring of George -

This Is the Spring of George


The latest viral entry in the fake-trailer sweepstakes is George. It promotes the Oscar-baiting story of a simple man who is just about to find happiness when his fiancée tragically dies. But he recovers by raising a small boy, learning to get in touch with his emotions, and dishing out wise advice while inspirational music plays on the soundtrack.

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It seems like Seinfeld lends itself particularly well to the viral video treatment — remember the video that re-cut scenes from many episodes into a “lost episode” about Kramer’s racist outburst at the Laugh Factory? Maybe it’s because the show tried so hard to avoid emotional moments or “very special” treatment of serious issues: it’s almost irresistible to try and re-arrange scenes into exactly the sort of thing that Seinfeld and David would never have approved of.

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