Thomas Mulcair's first question -

Thomas Mulcair’s first question


From his scrum after QP, Mr. Mulcair explains his decision to make jobs and employment the focus of his first question as opposition leader.

Throughout our campaign, we’ve been concentrating on jobs. We’ve been concentrating on the failure of the Conservatives to apply basic rules of sustainable development. That’s had a devastating effect on the manufacturing sector, a loss of hundreds of thousands of good paying manufacturing jobs, the attendant pensions, a lot of those jobs being replaced by part-time precarious work in the service sector. That’s the type of thing we think they should be addressing in the budget and we’re trying to make sure that people have that in mind as we go forward until Thursday. 

Michael Ignatieff’s first question as opposition leader was about the economy. Stephane Dion’s first question as opposition leader was about women’s rights. Stephen Harper’s first question concerning government advertising contracts.