Today in online discourse

Once more, to Twitter.

MinJKSad to see @ujjaldosanjh embarrassed by his own leader on the HST. Ujal’s “against” the HST; his leader’s for it:http://tinyurl.com/msv2nl

ujjaldosanjh@MinJK Sad to see distortion on your part but not surprised. Fed Libs clear, HST dumb move by Cons in deep econ recsn

ujjaldosanjh@minjk Fed Libs also clear that we will not tear up fed-prov agreements, unlike Cons tearing up childcare agreement

powerstim@ujjaldosanjh no on childcare you will just promise something for 13 years and never deliver. Libs suffer from short-term memories.

MinJK@ujjaldosanjh LOL! Ujjal, the fed Liberal govt invented the HST in 1996. Now your party “opposes” it but won’t reverse it? That’s incoherent

powerstim@MinJK Ujjal and his Libs have never been encumbered by the truth or history. Those things are lost in Iggy’s Enchanted Forest of delusion.

Will update as events sort of warrant.

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