Today's TV News - In Rhyme! -

Today’s TV News – In Rhyme!


lou-louFirst Fox abandons Dollhouse, then
Lou Dobbs abandons CNN.
Are these connected? Can there be
Some Dollhouse/Dobbs conspiracy?
We’ll have to wait till Dobbsie talks,
But rumour is, he’ll go to Fox.
And Fox produced the Dollhouse show,
Until today. So let me know:
Did Dollhouse actors lose their jobs
To pacify the wrath of Dobbs?
True, I can’t prove it’s true; so what?
Lou Dobbs should prove that it is not.
Produce the evidence, Lou Dobbs,
Or face the wrath of angry mobs!
But if you prove you canceled Hank, you
Will get a big and heartfelt thank you.

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