Too soon?

Concerns are raised that Jason Kenney has not acted duly impartial in regards to the allegations made against Ruby Dhalla. Meanwhile, at our little party, the minister makes sure to avoid any perception of impropriety.

It all started when the new immigration minister found a hot-off-the-presses copy of Maclean’s. He was under the impression winning the title put him on the cover of the contest-sponsoring magazine, but that was definitely not his face, often described as Fred Flintstonesque, on the front. In his place was an eye-popping, cleavage-busting shot of Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla, which would not look out of place fronting an edition of the men’s magazine Maxim, which rated her third sexiest politician on the planet last year.

Kenney thumbed the pages filled with 20 flattering photos framing a lengthy article on Dhalla’s life story and the latest brouhaha over the treatment of nannies in her family home and suddenly burst into laughter: “I put her there!” he howled, jabbing the magazine cover.