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Tsarnaev brothers didn’t rob a 7-Eleven: spokeswoman


A clarification of detail that has come up as I work on an interactive map of the week in Boston: 

The brothers suspected to have carried out the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this week were caught on camera at a convenience store on the night of April 18—but they didn’t rob a 7-Eleven in Cambridge as has widely been reported, says company spokeswoman Margaret Chabris.

Chabris told Maclean’s that a 7-Eleven location at 750 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge did experience a robbery last night, but the Tsarnaev brothers are not the suspects. She said widely released surveillance photos that feature Dzhokhar Tsarnaev do not resemble the interior of any 7-Eleven location in the area.

“I’ve seen the picture of the guy who did rob a Cambridge 7-Eleven store last night at 10:30, and let me tell you, he looks totally different than the [Tsarnaev brothers],” she said. “Not only that, the picture of the suspect that is on the news websites is taken from a store that is not ours.”

Chabris added that some media outlets insist the Tsarnaev brothers did rob a 7-Eleven—a charge she repeatedly denies.

“Some of them say they got the information from a credible source,” she said. “And I say, yeah, they may be a credible source, but they’re incorrect.”


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