Tweeting the Great Kate Wait

While cynics do their best to pretend to ignore the royal birth, the rest of the twittersphere erupts.

The first person to tweet the news was freelance photographer Jesal Parshotam, who was staking out one of the hospital’s many entrances when two cars pulled up and Kate and William quickly got out.

Though a photograph would have made them a fortune, Parshotam says they chose not to take it.

With everyone alerted, the #royalbaby sweeps were on.

DM Reporter jumped the gun—or maybe not—by tweeting GCHQ’s felicitations (GCHQ being the huge intelligence-gathering centre in Britain)




And then this…

Tim Walker, the editor of the Telegraph’s Mandrake diary, gets in a dig on the Daily Mail, who screamed to all and sundry that the baby was due on July 13.

  All the bigwigs got in on the act, including grandpa-to-be Prince Charles—in the dark like all of us— as well as PM David Cameron and the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby (the baby will one day be supreme governor of the Church of England).


And then the inevitable…

Newfoundland comedian Mark Critch flashes forward to the inevitable: