Twitter festival of authors: #ShortestHockeyBooks -

Twitter festival of authors: #ShortestHockeyBooks

‘How to grow a playoff beard’ by Sidney Crosby


Twitter Festival of Authors: #ShortestHockeyBooks

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Always thought you could write a book about hockey but never found the time? No worries. Just try writing a short story. Twitter was full of ideas Thursday as #ShortestHockeyBooks was trending all evening. You will never find these in your local book store, but the titles alone may still be worth a read.
#ShortestHockeyBooks .. "Proper Defensive Play" By The Toronto Maple Leafs. Problems
#ShortestHockeyBooks How To Win Friends and Influence People by Gary Bettman, foreword by Brendan ShanahanGeoff Crawley
#shortesthockeybooks "Last Name Pronunciations" by Dustin Byfuglien, forward by Martin St. Louis @JHornbergChris Bausinger
#ShortestHockeyBooks "Execution of a routine line change" by The New York Rangers Torts
#ShortestHockeyBooks Hockey by ESPNThat One Beaut
#ShortestHockeyBooks "Beer Pong" by Dustin Brown It’s The Cup
#ShortestHockeyBooks "Passing" -Alexander OvechkinFilthy Dangles™
#ShortestHockeyBooks Scott Gomez "Photobook of all my best goals"Desautels Luc
#ShortestHockeyBooks How to screen a goalie by Sean Avery Girl Problems
"A history of names I have pronounced correctly" by Don Cherry #shortesthockeybooksMike Obrand
#ShortestHockeyBooks "Five Hole Saves" By Ilya Bryzgalov
#ShortestHockeyBooks how to play goalie by Thomas Vokoun
The Wit and Wisdom of Post-Game Player Interviews. #ShortestHockeyBooksMelissa Martin
a guide to shooting the puck by Tomas Kaberle. #shortesthockeybooksIan C McLaren
#ShortestHockeyBooks "How to Score in a Shootout" by Dennis Wideman
Of course, there were plenty of jabs at the failed expansions in Atlanta and Phoenix.
How to sell out an arena – pheonix coyotes #ShortestHockeyBooks Tish
"The Complete Directory of Atlanta Thrashers Fans" #ShortestHockeyBooksJ-Duds
#ShortestHockeyBooks "How to have fans" by the Florida Panthers South Life™
But the main victim of Twitter was Sidney Crosby, especially taking a few jabs at his playoff beard.
Growing Facial Hair by Sidney Crosby #shortesthockeybooksMeesh
#ShortestHockeyBooks "how to grow a playoff beard" -Sidney CrosbyJulian Cafmeyer
#ShortestHockeyBooks "How to Grow a Normal Mustache" by Sidney CrosbyFlyers Nation
#ShortestHockeyBooks The Things I Don’t Whine About by Sidney CrosbySh*tPhillyFansSay
"Fighting Tips & Tricks, By Sidney Crosby" #ShortestHockeyBooksBillyVable

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