U.S. Shows Can't Compete With Canada

CBS’s fall schedule has been announced; aside from the network picking up Medium after NBC dropped it (it should be an excellent fit on CBS, which produces it) and the unfortunate decision to move The Big Bang Theory to 9:30 — from a ratings perspective, it may be sound; it’s unfortunate for those of us who liked having the convenient TBBT/HIMYM hour — the big news is that Flashpoint has been renewed. It won’t be on the fall schedule, since Medium and Ghost Whisperer will be paired for what I’m hoping they’ll call “Psychic Pfridays,” but it will be returning as a mid-season replacement in 2010. CBS makes this announcement after canceling other procedurals on its schedule, like Shawn Ryan’s The Unit. Clearly this is proof that American shows cannot compete in the free market.


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