It’s a shame that CityTV seems set to get rid of Speakers Corner, the Toronto booth where Regular People (and even some celebrities) could go to try and get their message on TV.

The word “YouTube” does not appear anywhere in Rob Salem’s article, but you feel its presence nonetheless: Speakers Corner was invaluable when it was really hard for people to be heard and seen by anyone but the people who knew them. Now people not only have the means to distribute videos of themselves, but they have the technology to make better-quality videos of themselves than a booth could provide.

Still, that implies that YouTube is an adequate substitute for the “average folks on TV” concept, and I don’t think that’s true. The fact is that it’s still really tough to be seen and heard, even on YouTube, unless your video is one of the lucky ones that go viral. Most people could get much more exposure on TV than they could with a YouTube video.

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