We Won't Broadcast It, But We Might Let People Think We're Broadcasting It

While the CW has already made it clear that it’s not interested in a third season of Reaper, the show may not be dead: James Hibberd’s “The Live Feed” reports that the show might be sold into syndication… on the same stations that carry the CW.

The network is facilitating talks between its stations and Reaper producer ABC Studios about the show possibly being used in syndication to fill a spot on Sundays… The move would also keep Sundays a little bit CW-ish instead of going off into an entirely different orbit.

The CW is already planning to stop broadcasting on Sundays, so the idea is that maybe their affiliates can use a CW reject to fill the Sunday night time that the network will no longer fill. Meaning that it would be just like a CW program, and viewers would think it was a CW program, except the CW wouldn’t pay for it. I don’t know if the deal will happen, but it sounds like a strangely reasonable idea; if the affiliates need to find something to put on Sundays, why not use a show that fits in with the shows they broadcast on weeknights?

Like I said, there’s no guarantee that this will happen, but I’d like to see Reaper come back (though how that would affect Tyler Labine, already committed to a new Fox show, I don’t know). And as a fan of retro programming moves, I heartily approve of the idea of more struggling prime-time shows re-emerging in syndication:

Replace the waitresses in this photo with Ray Wise and a bunch of slacker guys (plus token girl Andi replacing the token guy), and we’re good to go.

(Notice I didn’t use Charles In Charge as the example of a show that went from prime-time to syndication, because I promised to cut down on the Scott Baio content of this blog.)

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