Weekend Discussion: Olympic commercials

What do you like? What do you hate? And what do you, like, HATE?

Because for the first time I’m actually at the Olympics, capturing the attention of world-famous skier Lindsay Vonn, who as you’ll see in the photograph below was looking directly at me, mesmerized by me, unable to peel her eyes away even as the world’s media awaited word on her fall in the ladies’ super combined…


Where was I? Right. Grim, dismaying reality.

Because for the first time I’m actually at the Olympics, I am not getting to see many of the commercials that are airing during Winter Games programming. I assume most of them are running with such frequency that by now you, the home viewer, would like to personally deport the nice family arriving at the airport in the Tim Horton’s commercial. Am I right about that? What are some of the best and worst ads? Let me suffer vicariously through you.

Oh, one commercial I have seen a few times is the Clara Hughes spot for Cold-FX (The “Guess it’s not a secret, ANYMORE” ad). Question: What do you figure the budget was for that commercial:

a)    between $10 and $20

b)   less than $10

c)    less than $0

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