What Mischief You Twins Get Into

Thanks to a commenter on my “bad sitcom-within-a-sitcom” post for finding that this is online again: probably the most elaborate entry in this subgenre was one of the last episodes of Newhart, where Michael creates a sitcom called “Seein’ Double,” starring Stephanie as identical twins (with a double on hand, Patty Duke style, for many of the shots). The best thing about it, by far, is Newhart’s performance: his character has been forced by his contract to be in this terrible show, so his every expression and inflection indicates that he hates the lines he’s saying. The way he shakes his head, winces and grimaces, and the seething repressed rage he projects, turns what would otherwise be an overlong sketch into something memorable.

Also this may contain the last Wayne and Shuster reference in U.S. prime-time.

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