Where In The World? Iraq, That's Where!

The AP revealed today that Stephen Colbert has arrived in Iraq and will broadcast his next week of shows from there, Actually, it’s not really a revelation, because Governor Sarah Palin said a week ago that she would be one of the guests on the Baghdad version of The Colbert Report. But the important, and sad, thing is that this brings an end to one of my favourite Colbert running gags: preparing for his top-secret trip, teasing the audience about which Middle Eastern country he was going to, and using the “Press Your Luck” board to identify every Persian Gulf country he wouldn’t be going to.

So we may never see this awesome theme song again.


For those who don’t watch The Today Show, or wait to tune in until Kathie Lee Gifford is there (her imitation of herself is so much better than Kristin Wiig’s), this is a parody of Matt Lauer’s now-defunct “Where In the World Is Matt Lauer?” segment:


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