Who's Watching The Kids?

Another space-filling intro from an obscure ’70s show (that apparently got shown on TV Land back when TV Land didn’t suck). Remember Blansky’s Beauties? Well, after that show deservedly flopped, Garry Marshall didn’t give up on the idea of the story of hot showgirls living with Scott Baio. He sold NBC on a new show, loosely based on Blansky with three of the same leads: Caren Kaye, Linda Goodfriend and Scott Baio, and NBC bought it, first titled Legs and then Who’s Watching the Kids? By the time this version of the intro aired, Caren Kaye was off the show. And nobody cared one way or the other, because this version flopped too. However, this series can be thanked for introducing Jim Belushi as a sitcom star. Thank you Garry.


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