Winter Olympics: Whistler Photo Album No. 3

Featuring bikinis and signage!

An American child touches the Canadian Buddha. Quick: We need a Canadian kid to go touch the American Jesus!

So far as I can tell, this man spends his entire day walking around Whistler and having his photo taken with various passersby. Often he is swigging beer from a plastic cup. Santa Claus, I beg of you: reach out to your brother before his drinking gets out of hand!

I went to the athlete’s village to interview a skier for a magazine piece. We’re not allowed into the village itself, but there’s a little courtyard into which we can gain entry after a shuttle ride, a security check, another security check and a forfeiture of second-born child (we all used our first-born to pay for Internet in the Media Centre). In the courtyard, there’s a swag shop for athletes, where you can purchase this authentic Olympic competition bib for… $112. I saw a Czech guy buy four. I’ll say this much: No family in the entire republic is going to have a more creative family Christmas card this year.

At the downhill: Some lady dressed up as a wild beast is videotaped by a tourist and both, in turn, are photographed by me. My apologies to the Austrian skier we completely ignored while doing this.

Italy: Ugly official outfit or the ugliest official outfit?

At a store along Whistler’s Village Stroll, these ladies were trying to sell copies of a bikini calendar whose proceeds go to I don’t know or care. Later, I would go over to investigate for highly journalistic reasons.

I just have absolutely no idea.

Took this photo at the Feist concert after the medal presentations on Tuesday night. I’ll say one thing about the Vancouver Organizing Committee: they are committed to signage. To enter the designated mosh pit area, you must have a confirmed mosh pit ticket with “mosh pit” clearly visible in the upper left hand corner.  I managed to sneak in, but wasn’t allowed to have any fun because my ticket didn’t say “fun-having” in the bottom right-hand corner.

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