you make the call (and then i ignore the call)

This blog now embarks on its usual August siesta – a month devoted to using the latest in vacation technology (ie. beer) to wipe the mind clean of celebrity detritus, including the names of Brangelina’s children and the fact of Heidi Montag’s existence.

Speaking of Heidi… I am beginning to think that a man of my age probably should not actually know who she is, or why she’s semi-famous, or how last week her garbage cans were crammed with nothing but used teeth-whitening strips, empty wine coolers and puppy skulls.

Assuming this blog returns in September, the topic may change. But to what? Politics? Bigfoot sightings? The rising menace of killer robots that will one day enslave and slaughter us all in a blood-soaked robocalypse? A pan-cultural history of flans?

In the spirit of democracy, I invite you to leave your suggestions below. At the same time, in the spirit of Michael Fortier, I feel no need whatsoever to be bound by the will of the people.