A sneak peek at our Who Earns What issue

A preview of our second annual guide to who's making a killing and who's getting ripped off

sept292014coverAs a great poet once wrote, “Money, it’s a gas.”

Our obsession with what’s in our own wallets is surpassed only by the curiosity of what lurks in everyone else’s. That’s why Maclean’s set out again this year to bring you an entertaining and informative look at salaries across the nation, from sports and business figures to entertainers and those on the public dime.

There’s a round-up of the most Canadian jobs ever and what they pay, and much, much more.

To compile this year’s Who Earns What issue, we pored over public documents and corporate filings, waded into collective agreements and delved into job postings.

See how your paycheque compares.

Read more in our cover story, available today in our tablet edition, on newsstands tomorrow, and online next week.