New grads uncover pot of gold in finance careers

A message from the Financial Planning Standards Council

Today’s grads not only want more from their careers – they expect it. As the line between work and play becomes increasingly blurred, the next generation hasn’t been shy about what they expect from their daily grind.

From opportunities for faster advancement, to less face-time in the office and the chance to work and live overseas, the next generation is redefining the way we work. And there’s one career where they’re finding it easier to meet their career and personal aspirations: Financial Planning

Everyone can benefit from sound financial planning no matter how the economy is performing. In the coming years, it is expected that more opportunities will open up as boomers prepare to retire. The time is clearly ripe for the next generation of savvy financial planners.

Top reasons to consider a career in Financial Planning

  1. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® / CFP® professionals work across a number of industries including finance, insurance, law, and accounting and many choose to own their own businesses, working as much or as little as they choose.
  2. CFP® professionals are in an excellent position to take charge of their career path and consequently their income potential. As CFP® professionals grow their client base, they grow their income. In fact, over 50% of CFP® professionals make more than $100,000 per annum.
  3. CFP® professionals make a real difference in the lives of their clients. In fact, a recent study by the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC®) and FPSC Foundation reports that the majority of Canadians who have a financial plan in place report a greater sense of overall well-being and are closer to achieving their lifestyle goals thanks to the help of a Financial Planner.
  4. The CFP® designation is recognized in 24 countries around the world, providing many opportunities to see new places and experience different cultures.
  5. If you’re currently working in the field, getting your CFP® designation can take as little as 1.5 years. You may also be able to apply university or college courses you’ve already completed towards your designation.
  6. The cost of pursuing your CFP® designation is less than many other designations.

No matter what your background, financial planning is a credible, exciting, global profession. To learn more about the CFP® designation and find out how you can pursue a career as a Certified Financial Planner, visit the Financial Planning Standards Council website now.