Year Ahead


The Year Ahead: Food in 2024

The federal government will apply pressure to skyrocketing grocery prices, while food banks will struggle to keep up with demand. Canadians will have more options for sustainably grown meat but fewer pickings for pasta—and less interest in any wine to pair with it. 

The Year Ahead: Business in 2024

Slowing inflation and rising incomes will provide relief, even as the threat of an economic slowdown looms. Canadian business stalwarts like Indigo and Irving Oil are in for serious change. And fast-evolving AI will keep transforming everything.

The Year Ahead: Culture in 2024

Taylor Swift will leave her mark on Toronto and Vancouver, while business mogul Ryan Reynolds returns to the big screen. Montreal’s video game industry will boom with new business, but Canada’s film and TV sector may take a hit. 
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The Year Ahead: Education in 2024

Pronoun arguments and French-English language tensions will ensnare school boards. International students will get extra government protection, but find housing harder to come by—and fewer will come from India. For the rest of us: AI lessons. 

The Year Ahead: Health in 2024

Governments will shell out more cash for struggling health systems as private care providers make new inroads. Technological breakthroughs will create new treatments. And psychedelics will find a cannabis-like fast track to the mainstream.

The threat of superbugs will loom too large to ignore

Antibiotic-resistant infections threaten our health system. We need urgent action.

Far-right politics will fuel extremism

Global conflicts are deepening political divisions at home, and Canadians need to fight back

Canada will be a key player in the global commercial space race

In 2024, the country will launch payloads (plus an astronaut of our own) into orbit

Canada will put the pedal to the metal to become an EV powerhouse

Canada is poised to become a leader in EVs, but we’ll need to move fast

Fires will get bigger, faster and hotter—and communities need to prepare

The Earth has a fever, and we’re all feeling the symptoms