Year Ahead


My Prediction: Alberta will be completely off coal by the end of 2023

How the province is becoming Canada’s green energy leader 
Year Ahead

The Year Ahead: Our Guide To 2023

The people, places, events and ideas that will define the year ahead

The Year Ahead: Business in 2023

"In other words, fasten your seatbelt"

The Year Ahead: Culture in 2023

The fate of Canadian superheroes, Hollywood North, the Weeknd and more
Food 2023

The Year Ahead: Food in 2023

"It seems patrons do not want a side of exhaust with their brunch"
Education 2023

The Year Ahead: Education in 2023

Universities incorporating Indigenous education, inflated post-secondary grades and student protests are in store

The Year Ahead: Health in 2023

The future of ER’s, the next viral pathogen and COVID long-haulers shape health-care in the year to come
Society 2023

The Year Ahead: Society in 2023

Hybrid work and inter-generational housing becomes the new normal, while access to MAID becomes a hot-button topic

The Year Ahead: Science and Technology in 2023

Electric air taxis, an EV revolution, warp-speed Internet, and more in store in new Canadian tech

The Year Ahead: Real Estate in 2023

A massive market correction, a NIMBY battle, and rents rise amid questions over supply