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Will patient Kate Middleton make it to the finish line?

Why, after seven years, is Prince William still hesitating?


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Once again, fervid rumours are swirling that the world’s longest job interview is finally coming to an end. This latest round kicked off in March, when DailyBeast.com editor Tina Brown reported Buckingham Palace would announce the engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton, his girlfriend of seven years, on June 3 or 4. Brown, who wrote a biography of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, cited unnamed palace sources confirming the Queen’s schedule was cleared on those days—from which she deduced a November wedding is in the offing. People plastered a photo of the couple on its cover earlier this month under the headline, “The Next Princess!”, the certitude of the punctuation supported by an anecdote alleging that the prince called Middleton’s father “Dad” on a recent skiing holiday. A friend of the prince’s shot down the speculation in early May, which didn’t stop Sarah Ferguson, the divorced Duchess of York, from offering marital advice to the 28-year-old Middleton: “Remember that you’re marrying a beautiful man you are in love with and remember to make time for him,” she told Popeater.com.

The suggestion that Middleton needed to “make time” for the prince was greeted with guffaws in the U.K., where the comely commoner has earned the nickname “Waity Katie” for her willingness to remain on standby without a public commitment. She’s proven far more patient than the retailers who’ll profit from royal wedding mania. Two years ago, Woolworths scrapped a line of commemorative knick-knacks “Celebrating the royal marriage of William & Kate” because the photo on them, William with a full head of hair, was out of date. Recent signs suggest it might be time to reissue those mugs and thimbles. Next month, the prince turns 28, the age he once told reporters he’d consider marrying. And Middleton has let it be known she’s taking a more active role in charities, a signal she’s being readied for royal prime time.

Middleton has been subject to more due diligence than most corporate mergers for a reason: the spectre of William’s parents’ doomed union—with its whirlwind courtship, 12-year age difference, stark incompatibilities and tabloid divorce. “He’s determined not to make the same mistakes his father did,” says Richard Kay, a Daily Mail columnist and former confidant of Diana’s, who says no one outside the royal orbit knows what’s going on: “They’re an incredibly tight couple; the people around them are tight. William expects complete discretion from his friends.”

That’s another post-Diana legacy, says Ingrid Seward, the editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine. “Diana’s death had an effect on how William perceives the media—he hates them without reservation.” Kay agrees. “His overriding wish is for privacy his mother never had,” he says.
Middleton, who met the prince in 2001 when both studied art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, has proven a compliant companion—photogenic, yet so discreet her voice is unknown. Kate hasn’t made a misstep, says the Guardian’s Roy Greenslade, even during the couple’s brief 2007 breakup. She passed the audition, says British historian Robert Lacey. “Her behaviour reflects her total commitment to him, which augurs very well for her future performance as a queen consort.”

Middleton’s boring normalcy makes her a stealthy pick. “There is so little to say about Kate,” laments Seward, clearly fearing dwindling circulation. “She has led a very ordinary, organized, happy life—nothing happens of any note; there are no dramas.” (Her family offers the tabloids hope: her brother James was photographed urinating in public while drunk. And there’s “Uncle Gary, the cokehead!”, as Seward refers to Gary Goldsmith, who spilled details to an undercover journalist about the couple’s holiday at his villa on Ibiza before snorting cocaine and offering to set the journalist up with a hooker.)

Middleton has also proven her mettle dealing with paparazzi who’ve put a bounty upward of $50,000 on bikini shots, of which there are plenty. She has mounted legal action against the media, winning an invasion of privacy suit against a photographer in February. “I think she quite enjoys the attention,” says Kay, “though I’m sure at times it’s distressing.” Middleton receives full palace protection, unprecedented for a non-royal, says Greenslade: “They’re not going to let happen to her what happened to Diana.”

The lithe five-foot-nine brunette captured the future king’s attention at a fashion show where she modelled sheer lingerie—and revealed a comfort with public display. Since then her clothing choices—Ascot-worthy Philip Treacy hats, tailored jackets, wrap dresses and boots—have been more demure, yet stylish enough to win her a place on best-dressed lists.

“She has ticked every box with one exception,” says Kay: “She’s not from the aristocracy [like Diana].” Yet William’s turning to the Leeds white pages rather than Debrett’s Peerage & Baronetage for a future bride is seen as shrewd. “She’s more ‘of us’ and most people will identify with that,” says Kay. “She’s a nice middle-class girl.”

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Make that upwardly climbing middle-class, as reflected in the media’s nickname for Kate and her sister Pippa: “the wisteria sisters.” The Middletons are brand-new money: Kate’s father, a former pilot, and mother, a former flight attendant, run a mail-order party supply company, Party Pieces, where Kate now works—and which recently launched a wedding accessories line. In March, Middleton shared memories of childhood parties on the company’s website, recalling an “amazing white rabbit marshmallow cake that Mummy made me when I was seven.” The banal puffery, declared “Kate’s first interview” by the press, was removed, presumably on the advice of lawyers who knew she couldn’t both demand privacy and promote the family business.

It was a rare show of public enterprise for Middleton, whose “work-shy” tendencies—and pampered, hermetic existence filled with shopping, yacht-bobbing and bleary-eyed exits from fashionable clubs—have stoked criticism. Modern princesses don’t have to be vestal virgins, but they are expected to show off a real-world career and a social conscience before donning the tiara. Prince Harry’s on-off girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, earned a law degree in between attending polo matches. Even Diana, who failed her O levels twice, wrangled toddlers in a kindergarten.

Of course, any woman William marries is destined to be measured against Diana’s mythology. “I don’t see the public warming to Kate in the way they warmed to Diana,” Kay says. “But that’s also because they don’t know her. She hasn’t committed herself to anything.”

Except, of course, to William, which Lacey sees as her trump card. “The strength of Kate to William is that she is prepared to be ‘Waity Katie.’ That’s one of the big differences between Kate and Diana; Diana would never have tolerated a situation like this.” He sees the bond between the two as one of “co-conspirators” and “co-protectors of the institution.” Having Kate as the steadfast girlfriend is convenient for William, says Kay, and not only because she screens him from scrutiny about romantic dalliances with other women, which have been rumoured: “He knows that once he marries Kate they’ll be the main event; they’ll eclipse Camilla [Parker Bowles] and his father.” Until then, the media can be kept at bay. “We see very little of them, except when they want us to see them.”

But that has resulted in a problematic Catch-22: “The monarchy survives on public interest and willingness to buy into the whole thing,” says Kay. “So you need to see them, to be interested in them.” Yet the royals’ demand for privacy has translated into declining interest, particularly among young people. Papers no longer employ royal correspondents and run far fewer stories than they did even 10 years ago. A wedding could tip the scales. “People accept the current state of affairs on the assumption we’re going to get a bloody good blow-up at the end of it,” says Lacey.

All that’s standing in its way is William’s tendency to procrastinate, says Kay: “I think he will marry her but he will delay it, just as he has used his decision to join the Royal Air Force to postpone the inevitable [royal duties]—the day he becomes a full-time ribbon cutter.” Still, Kay wonders whether something else is at play: “It’s been seven years; there must be some gnawing doubt that this girl is not ‘the one.’ ” Dumping Middleton isn’t an option, he says: “He hates criticism and he would get so much criticism.” Which means that like his father, he’s destined to marry for duty, knowing that royal weddings that end happily ever after exist only in fairy tales.


Will patient Kate Middleton make it to the finish line?

  1. Run, Wills, run!

  2. He won't marry for duty. Yes, there must be a gnawing doubt about this girl. Waitey Katie's days are numbered.

  3. I hope he does marry her and soon. I am seriously tired of waiting. Come on Wills, just do it, she's beautiful and sweet!

  4. I think they're smart to have waited this long. Kate needed to be given time to fully understand what she was getting into. We blame William for the delay but maybe it's Kate.

    And they're absolutely right…they will become the "main event", will be expected to attend public functions and take on more royal duties…let them play and get it out of their systems before they have to become serious.

    Immediately after the wedding, the next question will be: "when will you start having babies?" Isn't that the question every bride gets?

  5. He decided to date her after seeing her Model underwear, very telling. William does not want her for marriage and never did, in my opinion. I think they are now just good friends who see each other when time allows, not much more going on there, so the press needs to give it up because the press-pushing him down the alter hasn't worked.

  6. William doesn't need a wedding what William needs is a new girl to date! Kate is not what he wants or he would have married her and protected her tacky image better. She is viewed as a tacky social climber, despite what the sychopant press says about her not putting a foot wrong. She's a horrible choice, lazy, boring, plain and a terrible loud family who live beyond their means it appears sometimes.

    Dumping Middleton "is" an option Mr.Kay, just ask Princess Madeleine who dumped her finacee'.

    What the British press seems to want more than a wedding is another Royal divorce! You press are all being disingenuinous with Pr.William, you press KNOW this Middleton girl is not "right" for him or the Monarchy yet you keep pushing becuase you know it will end in divorce before he's 40.

  7. "Waitey Katie"???? Is that a joke? As nicknames go, this is the lamest of all. Do Brits really call her that? Please throw me a bone and say NO.

    I don't care what these 2 do. The press will adore them and then crucify them as soon as possible after the wedding (if there is one). The only thing in the article that was of any note was the fact that Prince William hates the press after what happened to his mother. Of course he should. I am still of the opinion that whether or not Diana's driver had had a couple of drinks on that August night, there would have been no crash except for the press chasing them. Plain and simple.

    Anything else in the article was of no note. Fun to read but take seriously? I think not. We don't know what is going on in their heads nor should we. Let them get on with it (or not), make their own mistakes (or not) and whatever happens, happens.

  8. Oh dear, look, all the jealous little girls are out on the comments desperate to trash Kate Middleton. Get a life!

    • how old are you? 13? Maybe YOU should get a life (this is not a Kate Middleton fan page – we can all express our opinions whether you agree or not!), not liking her has nothing to do with jealousy. The girl just doesn't seem to have much on ambition aside from wanting to be Queen. I think if you are going to live a life of royalty (and haven't done anything to deserve it) then you should at least give back to the world (like Diana). As for your childish notion that this stems from "jealousy", I can guarantee you that most women do NOT want to be a member of that dysfunctional family – not with the media and the pressure. Most women are intelligent enough to know that fairytales and real life are not the same thing (but you seem to think we are all a bunch of idiots).

      • hahaha… well-said emm… i applaud your guts…AMEN.

  9. I am a mother & frankly I am worried for William. I think Ms Middleton would wait 20 yrs to be a Princess even if he looked like a toad. I read that she had a boyfriend whom she discarded like a "hot potato" when HRH Prince William showed an interest in her!

    • To be fair and reasonable, surely sticking with him through thick and thin for seven years earns her some points for commitment and dedication and possibly even love, right? Or do you think he just doesn't know how to break up with her?

      And to those calling him "Wills" — oh surely a man whose hairline has receded to the point that his forehead is taller than the rest of his face — surely that man deserves to be called William? Or at least Will?

    • Yes, This Kate does not even have a job, other then her own family????????, No worries, I am sure that waity Kaite is NOT THE one for HIm. afterall THE PARTIES SHE HAS APPEARED DRUNK AT, HER TURNIP TRUCK OVER TURNED YEARS AGO, AND SO DID HER FAMILIES FROM WHAT I CAN SEE, ARE THEY TRULEY A REPRESENTATION OF THE MIDDLECLASS IN BRITON? WOW shameful if I were a Brit of the Middleclass OR ANYCLASS IN FACT, I would NOT be pleased especially if I had to work and earn everything I had, if William is as level headed as his beautiful mother Diana was, HE knows this, in His mothers love and memory He would never marry such a shameful women………. If Kate is a representation of the Middleclass then I'd be looking for a more respectable name to refer too,FOR UK/ Briton has people that are dedicated and hard working people……….jmo

  10. Has anybody thought that perhaps it's actually Waitey William?

    Lord knows were I being courted by an heir-to-the-throne, after seeing what happened to Diana, I'd be damned gun-shy. Maybe he simply hasn't managed to convince her yet that marrying him is worth the inevitable results.

    • kate will wait forever she will never be gun-shy or worry one bit about what happened to Diana.Just hope poor mislead William sees sense and finds a perfect princess.

    • lets not forget who has a life and who doesnt. pw is leading the life he wants and if this is the life that kate wants is to do nothing then i feel sorry for the rf and the british people

  11. I know some might find it hard to believe, but in most royal families, the descendants do what the ruler tells them to do. The queen of England was never the sharpest knife in the drawer, and advanced age hasn't helped her cognitive faculties. After Diana and Fergie, she doesn't trust any young girl who wants to marry one of her boys.

  12. Yes Kate would wait 7 years or even 20. Above all else, and that includes William, she and her family want the title, tiara, the castles and the rest. If and when she lands him they all know they are "made". Sarah Ferguson will seem like an adorable naughty girl by the time what is ALREADY iknown about Kate and Co comes our AFTER the wedding of course. What I hate most is that the Press already knows all about this. They've all seen the You Tubes, they've all done the research, they ALL know where the "bodies are buried", but still they push and push this totally unsuitable woman onto the future king.
    They can only have one agenda. They all know that a republic will surely follow. But not this way, not with this woman PLEASE.



  13. I don't get this: I was also together for 7 years with my husband before we got married. We knew already from year 2 that we would do so, but we didn't see an immediate need as we were not planning to have children for a while.

    In their case, a marriage is even less appealing, as it comes with a media circus. It should thus be avoided until kids become a priority.

    Concluding from the fact that they did not get married in their 20's that "there might be doubts" is simply sensationalistic crap. Everyday people, like me, did the same – so why not them, who have even more reason to avoid all this fuss?

  14. Just crap.

  15. really sad about the future of monarchy if this tacky family ,with such a boring daughter as bait, become associated with royalty.suppose they will have to buy a title next. just like a soap opera really. our Queen has worked so hard during her reign
    its a shame to see it all go down the drain. by the way can waity katie speak?

  16. As a follower of Royalty, I feel the press is missing a very clear sign. The Queen has never been seen with this girl or acknowledged her in any way, so why does the press keep predicting these ridiculous engagement stories.

    William needs to get the nerve to end it and stop worrying about what the press will say.
    He is so obviously not in love with her enough to marry. He should stop being soft about this and end it. She is the type of woman who will take advantage of his kindness.
    Kate has no warmth, no generosity of spirit , no regal bearing, no class, she's just not suitable.

  17. James Whittaker stated in an interview that WK is after that title of Princess and will "do just about anything to get it". Does that not alarm people? She is not after his heart, but his title and the position of princess. As to the often quote line of "she has placed a single foot wrong"-are you kidding? How many pics have been published of her stumbling out of nightclubs grinning like a hyena on crack? Also, there are nearly as many pics of her showing of her "private area" to the paps. This girl has wasted her degree and her life in her efforts to social climb straight into the BRF. There are reason for her being called "Waitey Katey" and there terms like "work-shy" that have also been applied to describe her. PW deserves to have a decent woman by his side, not this gold-digger. The Middleton family have long used their "royal connection" for financial gain and who doesn't know about her brother exposing himself and peeing on the fence in full view of the paps? Also, do we really want the future Queen Concert to have an uncle that is a drug dealer and pimp? I don't think so!

    • Okay.. you got my interest up and so I started researching.

      50 pages of Google Image Search with safe-search off on the key-words "Kate Middleton" gave me nothing racier than a couple of shots where it was obvious the paparazzi had specifically set himself up to take a shot like that — and any woman with a dress above the knee would have been caught as badly or worse. Considering she was supposedly a lingerie model, I have to say I was actually really surprised by how there really wasn't anything that couldn't be shown on American day-time television.

      So I bit the bullet and tried "Kate Middleton Adult" with safe-search off and ready to cringe (as a warning to folks, it's probably not a good idea to do this with any television celebrity name..) still nothing over 10 pages at which point I realized if there wasn't anything by then, there wasn't anything at all. So what the hell are you talking about?

      Then I decided I'd look up this James Whittaker fellow. Turns out he's some sort of Royal Watcher that makes money if they have controversy, and what he actually said is that Kate herself is fine, the father is great, there's just some questions about whether the mother is appropriate, as she's the one who apparantly wants the title connection (like any mother would, I expect) but hasn't hid that fact well enough.

      Add to this that there was apparently a split between them at one point that Kate initiated because she was disappointed how little attention she was getting from Prince William (not the paparazzi). Yeah, that really sounds like a girl who's just itching to be Queen.

      Personally, if that's the worst that can be dug up, I think it's a load of crap, so what we're seeing here is a bunch of girls/women here having some sort of sour-grapes reaction to the idea that William may be off the market for good, even if he isn't married yet.

      I'm really starting to think it's Waitey William, with either Kate working against her mother's wishes, or William hoping his grandmother will come around.

      • Thwim: If you go to a websit called "Royal Truth Forum" you can see all the evidence of what I stated in my previous post. BTW: I noticed you didn't have anything to say regarding the brother exposing himself and peeing right in front of the paps? Also, no mention of the whole Uncle Gary the Drug Dealer/Pimp? JW is actually a very respected royal jouralist and has been since the days of Diana. I would believe him over these newbie journalists like Katie N and Tina Brown that have to lurk about in forums to get something to write on and don't even get me started on that Ingrid Steward! Butt-kissers the whole lot! JW tells it like it is! Go on and look in the RT website and you will get a much clearer idea of what WK is all about!

      • Look through YouTube. This woman is akin to Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. There are pictures of her private parts sans underwear from many different occasions as she steps out of cars. There are loads of pictures of her stumbling out of nightclubs drunk. Waity Katie will be a major embarrassment to the British people. She and her family have milked the connection to William for everything they can get from publicity for their party wares firm to freebies including a car and mingling with social elite. The uncle pimps out young girls. They are one sleazy family.

      • I just want to say that I truly doubt that most who don't advocate KM for future Queen are jealous; honestly, that's usually a line people use when they have trouble defending a matter. Whether or not that applies to you, I do not know. But not everyone aspires to marry into the royal family, and not everyone would be as confident as KM to actually think it could be reality. Some of her detractors are actually men, and much older women too … so the jealousy line doesn't wash. Fair enough if you think Kate is a perfect choice, but I don't think there is any need to denigrate others because they don't agree. After all, they are not yet engaged – it's open slather, so to speak. In other words, it's all perspective and opinion. We haven't had a ruling yet! I do agree with your last sentence, though!

  18. Very good points Lolal Those things need to be said. One wonders why the press, who knows everything you've mentioned and much much more does not come clean about this. What on earth are they hoping to achieve. It will shatter the supporters of the monarchy to discover this AFTER the engagement or even worse after the wedding.

  19. she will be the first Queen with crotch shots all over the web,well done lola.I have no respect for kate middleton while other girls climb the mountain she rides up on william's ,and the Royal familys backs.when is he going to get tired of carring her well used baggage

  20. Patience doesn't come into the equation. It's whether or not Kate Middleton has demonstrated the qualities needed for a future Queen. IMO, and in view of many of the other posters, she does not. If she's the best William can do, then the days of the Monarchy are numbered. And I say this as a concerned, middle-aged Englishwoman, not, as some of Kate's misguided fans would say, a jealous harpie!

  21. Well said Sue, nice to see you posting. Good people, please, just take a look at You Tubes and you'll see only a small portion of why she is so unsuitable. People keep harping on about seven years. What has she done in seven years that makes her suitable. She has achieved nothing, done nothing, and in all probability will need to be carried in the RF for a very long time. This will be discovered very swiftly by the population in general and Republic in particular. There is no appetite in this country to have another Sarah Ferguson, and if you examine them both carefully you will find many similarities between them, only in many respects Sarah comes off best. She is just stupid in the things she does. Waity is cunning, manipulative and she will be worse than Sarah ever knew how to be.

    • Thanks, Anne. Please alert your other friends!

      To my Canadian colleagues, please don't think that KM is popular in the UK and that the majority of us are eager for her wedding to William – we are not! Her family are regarded by a large number of us as the worst type of parvenues who will stop at nothing to get William's ring on Kate's finger. The only difference between KM and a WAG is a public-school education!

  22. Thwim

  23. Didn't Macleans post an article on the same tripe like 2 months ago?

  24. Well, she obviously learned about social intercourse in her uni days. But I think her teachers taught her a different version. Her version is non-verbal communication; by mooning, crotch flashing, being scantly clad, and waiting to royal nob-gobble.
    She is our lady of perpetual wait.

  25. As they say, "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free"? Something to be said about not putting out these days….

  26. I'm glad that people have critical views and don't just believe the prior media hype about this woman. It's always good to dig a little deeper, and look at all the facts: the good and ostensibly not-so-good when one might assume such an important, noble role in society.

    Kate might rise to the occasion when the time comes, but, right now, to some of the public at least, she appears to be a risk – at the very least in terms of the working department. I truly don't understand her problem with actually working for a living – away from her parents' umbrella, I mean. It just adds to the suspicion about her. Does she not have a clue that people will not believe that she actually does anything other than work when she feels like it, much like her Jigsaw job was, according to the owner? Does she not care what her potential future subjects think of her? Does the means justify the ends, and that's it?

    The girl has some stamina to wait, I'll say that for her! But where does she get her self-respect and pride from? How does William respect someone seemingly so amenable to his every command? What does that say about him as future King? One day Kate really might regret her choices, regardless of the outcome.

    Anyway, this article casts some doubt on her – it's very balanced and well written. I wonder where that has stemmed from? William isn't doing himself any favours by dithering, though. He needs to either marry her or break up with her, because if this drags on much longer, he won't have a choice. He'll only have himself to blame if he decides that she isn't "the one" after all. There is always a price to pay for "taking the path of least resistance". By that I mean it would have been prudent had he at least given himself a chance to meet and develop with another lady.

    • I think after what happened to Diana that William is definitely gun shy. I think they both know the circus that will ensue once they become engaged and married, and by carrying on their relationship the way they are, it is taking the pressure off of both. If I were in love with a woman and in his position, I would be fearful that the same thing would happen to her that happened to his mother because of all the press attention. I don't see them being married until they want to have children, that way they can both enjoy life together without the constant press attention.

      • David, I suspect it's more than that, but we shall see. :) I'm not one for making excuses for anyone for NOT doing something, be they prince or pauper. That applies as much to William for not proposing, and to Kate Middleton for not challenging herself job-wise (let alone a career) and, if true, continuing to live at home at almost 30 (when she has the resources to live independently, if she worked in a full-time job). It's like her parents think she's so precious, she needs to be wrapped in cotton wool to protect her. It's so unattractive to most people.

  27. is 6 years not enough? poor kate…. but come on, kate maybe patient but she is jobless. she may be pretty but she too proud. and why did she sue paparazzi for stealing her photos? i mean come on, if she doesnt want her photos taken, why will she go OUT in the first place? and take note of her family. they are all nobody but SOCIAL-CLIMBERS! I am so disgusted of them.
    William must really have to think if he wants to MARRY her. imagine, having the middletons as in-laws….

  28. I can't believe people are actually wasting time planning how to swamp comment threads with negative opinions on a woman none of them know anything about, outside their overactive imaginations. It really is obvious that this is concerted. How lame.

    She's a lovely girl and will make a great Princess, whenever that happens. The spite of a bunch of bored, dumpy housewives who use the net instead of crochet as a time-sink isn't going to affect any event on this earth, ever.

    • And Tommo, what does YOUR post say about you – posting very spiteful comments about people YOU don't know? Bitter much because people dare to think, eh? I can safely say that I'm neither 'bored' nor 'dumpy'. Kate could only dream to look as good as I do, or be as accomplished …

      • But you admit to the "concerted" huh? And "dare to think" is priceless, in context. Yeah, I can see that. You'll be solving the Israel/Palestine issue, once you tear your minds away from the marital plans of a guy you'll never meet, in a small North Atlantic island occupied by foreigners. You know, you hate on a girl nobody knows much about. I'm judging you on the words you type. There's a major difference there. A genuinely smart person would understand that. And sure! I bet you're a real glamourpuss, just as super-smart as you're modest and unassuming. That's why you're hanging with a lot of other equally dynamic successful normal middle-aged ladies, all harmlessly obsessed with hating on some British kid with everything going for her, repeatedly voting on comments, and repeatedly posting 'em. Just like any normal totally non-obsessed person would.

        • You make me laugh! And, what are you doing with yourself? A really intelligent person could see that my posts are those of someone with some intellect, unlike yours, which are just pure spite. And, what is it like to run with the rest of the sheep? lol. Really, as you don't know me, you don't offend, so I wouldn't waste your "precious" time, lol. I'm not reading your posts very carefully, either, as they bore me …

    • since u know know her sooo well, why dont u tell us all about her. when u say she will be a great princess, it is just your hope and overactive imagination and not actual fact. so why not just state your opinion and not insult other for doing same. thank you

  29. Despite the fact that the British view these things differently, to a North American it seems riotously funny to describe the privately-educated daughter of millionaires as "middle-class." As for Middleton's dodgy or tacky relatives, the royal family have a few of their own — and have had for many centuries.

    But Richard Kay is right: Middleton's willingness to subordinate all to the relationship does argue well for her future behavior as a member of the royal family. She's willing to do what it takes, even if the rest of us consider that her decisions are disturbingly retro or even reactionary. And we should consider the possibility that Prince William doesn't want a woman who is anything like his mother. He knew her far better than Diana's adoring public did, after all. And his opinion is the only one that really matters.

    Diana, by the way, worked only briefly as a part-time nursery-school assistant, after a little house-cleaning and a brief, part-time stint as a nanny. Hardly a "career" worth any admiration.

    • For the record, Diana was barely 20 when she married PC and so even her little bit of a "career" is far more that what Kate Middleton has done since leaving St.Andrew's five years ago. It took her 18 months just to get a part-time job (at PW's insistence) that started out as 4 days (about 20 hrs) and quickly was reduced to 3 days a week. In the mere 10 months she was "employed" at Jigsaw as a glorified tea-maker (not a fashion buyer!) she took no less than 9 vacations at a minimum of 2 week each but usually 3 weeks. That averages out to about 25 weeks of vacation over a period of 46 weeks. That is a better desciption of a "career" not worth any admiration. . WK is now 28 years old and has nothing to show for it. She still lives at home w/her family and if you believe she is "working" for her family's business, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. In addition to her alleged "career" as a "fashion buyer" at Jigsaw, she was also rumored to want to be a children's clothing designer &a photographer, . But the common denominator is that NONE of those ever happened.

      • You sound like a stalker, unless you know her personally.

        • I could say the same about you, and I don't even know Lola. And, since when is 28 some 'kid'? Oh, wait, I think you are Mrs Middleton protecting her cub – got it! The only thing Kate Middleton has got going for her is her parents' money and specious adulation from the press and the some fawning fans. No one who is grounded would want to be her. She hasn't accomplished a thing in her own right – apart from a light-weight Uni degree, which her parents funded. But don't worry, Mrs Middleton, I'm sure you will console Kate enough to get her back out there when the time comes. Plenty of aristo fish in the sea, right? And she can always write a tell-all book to go with all the photos you have been collecting …

          • Actually, I was joking when I said 'tommo' was Mrs Middleton; I'm sure Mrs Middleton wouldn't bother defending Kate on the internet, or she wouldn't have time to do anything else. It's just that he/she is reacting like a mother would – I just wished to clear that up. I've said my piece.

    • Actually, Lili, where I'm from, people who choose not to work, when they are able-bodied, are called "lazy" or "bludgers", a "waste of oxygen" and other euphemisms, not 'retro' or other synonyms you used to be kind. I'm not saying that Kate Middleton is any of those things, as I truly don't know. But the suspicion lingers about her work ethic, which is of her own making. I do wonder if she is unwell. Either way, it doesn't bode well for her future role. William's consort will need to be robust, as they taxpayers wouldn't want to be paying for a part-time one on a full-time (and then some) stipend.

      Diana married at barely 20 and was from a different class and era – no comparison.

  30. The girl needs some self respect. Get a life of her own. She can still 'be there' for William etc, but she need to be a productive human being that is of value to society not just someone taking up space

  31. She has lasted 7 years without a serious incident, despite constant paparazzi attention. That speaks well for her potential as a royal. Does she have a job? No. However, I don't see that as a problem (previous prospective Queens have not been held to this standard, although the pro-Diana media reliably went on about her 3 hour a week teaching assistant job as if it was something other than a photo op). The job of a Queen is to be a figurehead that the people can rally around in times of strife and division. The more Kate does to "have a life" the more she risks being associated with one set of interests or another. Instead, Middleton is taking her time to accustom herself to the requirements of royal life. When she becomes Princess of Wales, she will be ready to conduct herself with poise, discipline and none of the limelight seeking we saw out of Diana.

  32. So let me get this straight: A girl becomes ineligible for royalty after getting drunk and exposing her parts at parties?
    Well that does it. Poor William and Harry and the rest of the young royal men are stuck being bachelors forever. For crying out loud. It's 2010. Everybody's underwear is on YouTube now. Privacy is a thing of the past. And it's not because women have suddenly become inappropriate where they weren't before. It's because YouTube now exists where it didn't before. Do you honestly think that that if Diana were a young woman today, someone wouldn't have a camera phone film of her crotch by now? I'd be more concerned about Kate Middleton if she DIDN'T party in her 20s.

    • If Kate were to marry William, she would become the next Princess of Wales and a future Queen. Do you honestly think the British people and their government would tolerate having a person like Paris Hilton, essentially a celebrity milking every second of her fame with different stunts to garner press attention, officially represent the U.K. and likely Canada? Imagine William and Kate attending a White House dinner and all the tabloids in America are showing those crotch pictures and those videos of a drunken Kate and opening her legs sans underwear exiting a car will be put up on sites like TMZ or the Smoking Gun. The U.S. doesn't have the draconian privacy laws that limits free speech that the U.K. currently has. Do you honestly think the British people wouldn't be humiliated that their representative to the world was/is a slutty party girl who flashes her private parts for attention? The Privy Council will never give their okay to this marriage.

    • The world would laugh at William and Kate and the U.K. They will come off as a trashy celebrities rather than the dignified official representatives of a sovereign nation. William has to marry a suitable woman — someone who knows to wear underwear with short dresses and how to exit cars properly especially when surrounded by photographers. She can't have this history of drunkeness and louche behavior that's been thoroughly documented in the press. The U.K. papers haven't printed the worst of it, but, they are all over the internet and appear in Australian celebrity magazines. If William is in love with Kate, then he needs to face the choice of either Kate or the throne, but he can't have both. Responsibility comes with his privileges.

  33. Ok all you opinionated people, you are just upset because there is nothing about Kate that you can trash…. her brother urinated drunk in public….is that it? In these times of no morals and scruples this is a very innocent, well behaved, loyal young lady some of you sleazes should take note of.

  34. Did you ever think that they've basically been married in spirit the past few years but are holding off on the official act because of the craziness that will ensue upon the engagement announcement? Perhaps they are happy that way. And honestly, why should you care? They are trying to avoid the torture Diana endured for as long as possible. They will at least be able to say they enjoyd their youth.

  35. RESPONSE TO Ellen Evans POST


  37. My parents waited 8 years to get engaged, and then another year to get married. I've had friends date for 7 years and break up, but one of my cousins got engaged after 7 years of dating and married 3 years later. My point is that for many people today, they don't feel the need to rush into anything, they are fine to let relationships progress at their own rate. If you're already with the person you think is the soulmate, you don't need to get married until you both feel that it's time. As long as you understand each other and are content with how fastly or slowly your relationship is professing, that's all that matter.

  38. Regardless, I cannot stand the thought of Camilla and Dianas ex taking the throne(s). It seems wrong given their sordid beginnings and what it did to William and Harry. No whatever the reason for the delay. The two have handled it admirably and I say let them have their day their way. William has had so much loss in his life. Let this coming year be a time for beginnings. I wish them much happiness.

  39. My Great Great Great Grandfather KING George I'st king of Great Britain would be so angry with this decision. My 15'th cousin prince william of wales Marrying a commoner ? his mother was not one she was nobility and a descendant of king Charles II of England I was born A prince of the House of Habsburg Emperors of Austria are all my Grandfather's my name is HRI archduke Eric james von Habsburg of Austria my Grandfather is Archduke Felix of Austria my Grandmother Princess & Duchess Anna-Eugénie of Arenberg my father archduke carl philipp von Habsburg as a member of the Imperial royal Austrian Family I disagree with this marriage.