What can you buy for the average home price of $448,862?

From tear downs to spacious digs, here are the houses closest to downtown the average home price will get you across the country


Calgary Real Estate 20150514The real estate numbers are in for April, and once again, they were up, up, up. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the average home price for resale homes across Canada jumped 9.5 per cent last month from a year earlier, hitting $448,862. A lot of that gain was driven by two markets in particular—Toronto and Vancouver. Strip those out, and the average home price increased by 3.4 per cent to $339,893.

But how much home can you get for the average price of $448,862 in different cities across Canada? Since there are so many different types of homes captured in CREA’s average (condos, townhouses, detached and semi-detached houses), we decided to narrow our search just to houses (detached or semi). The goal was to see just how close to each city’s centre a potential buyer could find a place for roughly that price. In some cases, cheaper houses can be found that are even closer to downtown, but we’ve picked those houses priced nearest to the average. The houses and prices below come from the Realtor.ca website and are current as of May 15.




What can you buy for the average home price of $448,862?

  1. Check out what $448k gets you in Sarnia, Ontario- located on Ontario’s beautiful southwest coast. Mediterranean climate. Visit http://www.magicrealty.com or realtor.com to see for yourself.

    • same latitude does not an identical climate make ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)?

  2. Out of my price range – I work for a living and get my hands very greasy doing it – not often us folks can afford digs like this.

    However if you are looking for a nice home in the country on some land and no neighbours looking in your window you can find some nice ones for under 300K in most of the provinces.

    • ?? people employed in the trades have a higher earning *potential* than most office workers in 2015…who do you think is building all the structures that are part of this boom?!

  3. My gawd, these are dreadful.

    Move to smaller cities folks….nicer houses for a lot less money.

    Plus all the amenities and less crime.

    • Sarnia offers brick bungalows on large treed lots for a range of $140k to $190k. Less crime too.

      • Well, I was thinking of Chatham….also on the south coast and great weather….but same idea.

  4. This is funny. The only realistic home I’ve seen was the Surrey home. One simply needs to check the real estate sites for each area. I did Remax for Halifax…and MUCH nicer homes come up for much less price.

    • The article gave specific criteria for comparison

  5. Not much.

    You have to life earn $1,400,000 to pay at least $700,000 in all forms of taxes, $300,000 in fair interest, to buy a $400,000 home that is $200,000 in labour taxes, fees, tariffs and other taxes to build the $200,000 tax-debt out home.

    Makes you an economic slave of state. And why Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, Asia, India the rest of the world gets our jobs. They don’t need inflated uncompetitive wages to deal with hidden taxes and tax as inflation as we have in tax greedy Canada.

    Hey, tax your dentist/doctor more, you get the bill. Tax the company more, they pay you less or leave as not to lose money, that us more, we spend less on each others jobs.

    GST/PST extra. As its all about tax greed.

    • do you believe what you write?

      • Yeah he does. He’s written the same thing for years now.

    • I get so sick and tired of whiners like this that have nothing better to do than complain about living in Canada. If it is soooo bad, then get the Heck out, and don’t let the border guards hit you on the butt on your way out. …….and besides, if you want to see a nice Doctor bill, be sure to get sick when you move to the U.S. then see how far that 1.4 million in life earnings gets you.

  6. Come on Macleans,, Alberta is in a bust and you couldn’t find a house close to downtown Calgary in the mid $400K’s that is bigger than $600 square feet.. Get out of the over-priced trendy areas. Who is doing your searching? This is a buyer’s market.

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