University Rankings 2016: Medical Doctoral -

University Rankings 2016: Medical Doctoral

Full results from our most comprehensive rankings ever


The Medical Doctoral category includes some of the largest schools in the country, namely those that conduct a significant amount of research and offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Click here for the Comprehensive category and here for the Primarily Undergraduate category.

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To find out exactly how each school placed on all 14 indicators click on the plus sign. To see how a school did on a specific indicator click on the head of the column and the schools will re-organize based on how well they did on that measure. To find out more about a specific school click on its name and you will be taken to a full profile of the institution.

*Indicates a tie. Full methodology here.

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University Rankings 2016: Medical Doctoral

  1. Everyone in the world knows University of Toronto is by far the top university in Canada for Medical and doctoral university. Why does Macleans have this biased info? One of the reasons why McGill is among the top because top graduate professors from U of Toronto have accepted to teach at McGill. Look at the World rankings. Comparing a small university to a giant? Hello??