23 Canadian universities make global Top 500 list

Results from 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities


Concordia University (Roger LeMoyne)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, which annually publishes the Academic Ranking of World Universities, has released its 2013 list. The top 10 are once again all in the U.S. or U.K.

Canada has 23 schools in the top 500 this year, up from 22 last year and 21 five years ago. Canada’s new entrant is Concordia University.

The top 10 are Harvard University, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Princeton University, University of Chicago and University of Oxford.

Once again, four Canadian schools are in the top 100. They are the University of Toronto (28th), the University of British Columbia (40th), McGill University (58th) and McMaster University (92nd).

The rankings take into account the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, the number of Highly Cited Researchers, the number of articles published in Nature and Science, the number of articles in science and social sciences citation indexes and more.

They are more science-focused than the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, which includes a reputation survey. Canadian universities ranked higher in the Times ranking than on the ARWU; Toronto is 21st on the Times list, UBC is 30th, McGill is 34th and McMaster is 88th.

Here are the 23 Canadian universities that made the ARWU top 500 list for 2013.

Ranking in Canada University World Ranking
University of Toronto 28
University of British Columbia 40
McGill University 58
McMaster University 92
University of Alberta 101-150
University of Montreal 101-150
University of Waterloo 151-200
Dalhousie University 201-300
Laval University 201-300
Queen’s University 201-300
Simon Fraser University 201-300
The University of Calgary 201-300
The University of Western Ontario 201-300
University of Guelph 201-300
University of Ottawa 201-300
University of Saskatchewan 201-300
University of Manitoba 301-400
University of Victoria 301-400
Carleton University 401-500
Concordia University 401-500
University of Quebec 401-500
University of Sherbrooke 401-500
York University 401-500


23 Canadian universities make global Top 500 list

  1. I am proud that Canadian university select as top universities

    Long Live Canadian

  2. A ranking of universities is, at best, useless, at worst mischievous and counter-productive. They are of little practical value. Some universities are great at some endeavors, some at others. None is tops at absolutely everything, as this study seems to imply.

    • Agreed. Further, the university may have experts in a field of study – that it would be a boon to study under – but it wouldn’t make the list because one faculty out of ten doesn’t a good rank make. Experts don’t need to work at top rated universities and because they are experts they can work wherever they please.

  3. I think it proves again that Canada falls terribly short in our schools of higher learning. I recently read an essay by a first year student at a Toronto university – the mark he recieved was 85% –
    his english was sub standard which made it difficult oftentimes to know exactly what he meant!!!! So yes Canada desperately needs
    to do remedial work starting at junior schools. If not it will continue to remain where it is now.. I wonder how a professor could actually mark such a paper at 85%. In so doing he/she is doing a great dis-service to that student who will in later years need to grapple with the fact that his/her english is so poor that any most employers would have second thoughts before hiring. I know I would.

  4. These kinds of rankings invariably reflect the biases of their publishers.

  5. Canada’s ranking is not bad, but not nearly as good as Australia when you compare population size and other significant factors , etc. which make Oz #3 in the world — far ahead of Due North.
    Says the Australia newspaper: With five universities in the world top 100 and 19 in the top 500, Australia has one of the strongest higher education systems internationally – in spite of scarce research dollars and small population and economic scale, the head of an international university ranking has said.
    Ying Cheng, who heads the prestigious annual Academic Ranking of World Universities, said Australia’s stellar performance was based on its efficient system and acute awareness of competing in the international stage — my words: Obviously something Canada should strive to match but unlikely as long as we are (are you listening Mr Harper) economic, political, social, military stooges of the United States

  6. Because of this ranking, I mostly doubt Maclean’s own ranking of Canadian universities.

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